Singing Valentines
February 13 and 14, 2004
Quartet Activities

Tuning up
Terry Nanninga, Chaz Martin
Sam Kvasnica, Brian Wells
Ken Brooks

Change of Heart quartet
after singing
Happy Birthday
to Megan Mahoney

  Change of Heart
Brian Wells, Ken Brooks, Chaz Martin, Terry Nanninga
Apple Core Tet
delivering valentine and birthday greeting in Little Apple Brewery
delivering valentine and 90th birthday greeting in First Lutheran Church
Men of a Chord
delivering a valentine in Clay Center Retirement Home
  Manhattan Music Machine (modified)
interrupt Don's neighbor's dinner preparations
Apple Core Tet
woke this lady from a long winter's nap to deliver her valentine
Manhattan Music Machine (modified)
delivering a valentine ringed with chords
Men of a Chord
singing in officer's quarters at Fort Riley
    Men of a Chord
serenading lady in Home Depot
Manhattan Music Machine with proud dad, Travis, singing to Bridget and new son, Braden  
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