Singing Valentines
February 14, 200

Starting the day
Northview Elementary

Serenading the recipient
in the hallway
at Farm Bureau

Many smiles
in both directions
Gee, I wish someone
was here to share
this wonderful music!
Singing to Leo to
help him recover
from surgery
The office of
Clay Center
High School
Barbershop Style
to Director Ken's
chorus students
This music surely
is comforting
Don checking on
the office staff
and wishing them
Happy Valentine's
The boss and his
friends do sing
quite well!
So that's what he
does when he's
not at work
An evening class
at First Methodist
A dinner group
at First Presbyterian
The work force
awaiting the next
call for help
Staying  up-to-date
with the news
during a lull in activity
Bob Swenson,
the man who
makes the day
a success each year
Mr. Singing
midi: "Let Me Call You Sweetheart"