Installation Banquet for New Officers
January 9, 2003

Blue Hills Room Restaurant

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David Darling introducing President
Mike Shepherd
Last words of wisdom from President Shepherd

  Delicious food - -
why are the same
people always first in line?
Don't worry there's enough food for everyone Leonard Purvis presents Barbershopper of the Year to
Mike Shepherd
Installation Officer Pete Cooper instructing the new Board

From left:
Pres Stanfield
VP Ridley
VP Shepherd

VP Shepherd
VP Kiser
Secretry Swenson
Treasurer Bunyan

On right:
Members at Large
Ken Garwick &
Ken Brooks

New President receiving President's Pin Old President receiving Past President's Pin
Jim Lindquist receiving Man-of-Note pin #2
The Old Refrain Apple Core Tet Charades
Music Machine
For photos of attendees click here