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January  2018  





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January  February  March
Mike Shepherd - 3 years of leadership as President Don Thomson - Producing Christmas Show & Chairing Director Search Committee Steve McKinzie - Program Ad Sales Chair
April May June  
Ben Listhartke - Work with Guest Night and Membership Ken Lang - 39 years of Directing and Leadership  Denver Marlow - Work on Summer Church Singing Performances
July August September
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Darrell Parks - Refreshments Michael Sexton - PR Work and advertising Leonard Purvis  - Bass Section Leadership and Keeper of the Pitch
October November December
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Bob Swenson - Bringing International Caliber Quartets to our stage
and a lifetime of leadership and commitment to Barbershop and our
Gary Mott - Work as Treasurer and ticket sales manager Tom Neill - Show Chair and Uniform manager
January February March
Don Thomson for 
outstanding work on 
Holiday Harmony
Andrew Kvasnica
and Bart Bartholomew
for making learning
track CDs
Bob Swenson
for extraordinary work in bringing funds to the Chapter
especially via the Singing Valentines project
April  May June  
  3 Loren Alexander.jpg (182929 bytes)
Tom Neill
for his outstanding work as Chairman of the
Spring Show "These Happy Moments"
 Andrew Kvasnica
for serving as the producer for the Spring Show,
"These Happy Moments"
 Loren Alexander for all his help at district meetings and arranging Come Back Quartets for Chapter Meetings 
July August September
Steve McKinzie
for being in charge of the Riser Crew,
setting up risers and arranging
 to get them where they need to be.
Terry Smith
(Mr. Iceman)
for his weekly work in helping
to provide cool refreshments
Harvey Kiser
 fro his tireless efforts on organizing the
2015 Youth A Cappella
Music Festival
October November December
Chuck Marr
his continuous hard work
as our Chapter Secretary
Bob Ridley
his continuous, hard work as Music Librarian
Mark Robb
his continuous, hard work as treasurer
president elect


January February March
Mike Sexton for
providing assistance whenever
needed and hauling risers
Mark Robb
Treasurer for the Paul Ellinger
training and budget
Leonard Purvis
for ticket sales and the
Welcome Wagon
April May June
Pete Cooper
for leadership of the
Spring Show Ad Sales
Karen Nanninga
for continued excellence as
editor of The InCider
Bob Ridley
for maintaining the
Music Library
July August September
John Thomason
for managing the trailer and
other venue work
Tom Neill receives his Pole Cat Certificate from Chuck
Marr. Tom was also Barbershopper of the Month for
August for his willingness to step up and get our
uniforms inventoried and up to date.
Leonard Purvis on behalf of
The Charades
for their help and performance
in the Clay Center Show
October November December
Paul Allen
for heading the
Polecat Program
Jim Lindquist
for his work as the
liaison with McCain Auditorium
The Manhattan Music Machine
for continued Chaper support