Little Apple Chorus





Spring Concert
Turn Your Radio On
June 2, 2019 - 3:00PM
Forum Hall at the KSU Student Union


   Riser etiquette

1. No talking while on Risers  

       a. Unless given permission by the director

       b. Being on the risers is not a social time.

       c. The director will give you time to relax and visit

       d. For questions needing an immediate response raise your hand

2.  The Primary Position while on the risers is “LEAN AND BEAM”

        a. There will be times when you are asked to make gestures  

        b. There will be times when you are asked not to “beam”

3   Primary focus is on the director

        a. No eye darting

        b. Your relationship is with the director (not your neighbor).

        c. At times the director may ask you to have a relationship with the  audience

4 Find your window and stay in it.
         a. You need to see the director.

         b. The chorus needs to look balanced.
Look Confident.

      a. The only way you can do this is to have your music learned.

      b. You should be able to be asked to stand any where on the risers and hold our own.

6.   Keep a positive attitude.

       a. The director may ask you to become uninhibited (play along with him).

       b. The director may tell a joke. (laugh)

       c. The director may get angry with a person or section (accept the criticism and continue to work toward the common goal.)

       d. The director may ask you to perform some choreography that you have never done 

 7.  Take the pitch with the rest of the chorus

      a. Anticipating the taking of the pitch is unprofessional; as is not singing the pitch .

      b. Getting the correct tonal center is imperative to starting the song.  The only way is to get the right pitch, and breaking into a chord.

      c. Watch for the director to give the signal for the pitch and be ready for the gesture to sing it.

8.  Be careful to not make random movements with your extremities

        a. Hand movements are the most common.

        b. Body gestures are OK if in context; scratching one’s nose is not.

9.  Recommendations concerning interpretation, etc should be make privately to the director, not during rehearsal..

10.  Even if you do not agree, remember,